Business Principles

Integrity and confidentiality

As an organisation to whom clients entrust vital business tasks, we are keenly aware of the importance of integrity. Only by demonstrating our integrity can we hope to retain the trust that has formed the mainstay of our business for the better part of 20 years. Confidentiality is an essential part of that trust. Clients can expect from us the utmost discretion in their dealings with us. Our business processes are designed with additional protection to safeguard client data. Integrity also means full compliance with the regulatory authorities, a task that we take very seriously indeed. 

At New Management Trust we pride ourselves on delivering quality services. That means being reliable, accurate and efficient in the way we work. All our services must be performed correctly and in strict compliance with local legislation, regulations and applicable accounting standards. To assure quality, we follow a strict internal procedure based on the four eyes principle: each client is assigned two contact people at NMT . These professionals work in pairs, checking each other’s work at each step of the way. It is also a good a backup system that ensures continuity of knowledge. It means that at NMT there will always be someone who is up to speed with all clients’ affairs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
In addition, we’ve designed and invested in highly efficient information systems that help us track and process our own work world wide, as well as those of our clients, providing for reliable continuity. All these systems, processes, checks and balances help ensure that we reach our ultimate goal of delivering the best quality possible. 

Good customer service is an important goal that we at NMT strive towards, and we believe that communication is the most important way to achieve that. It is our strategy to work closely with our clients and our clients’ advisors, and to communicate with them regularly in a personal and professional manner. We engage all means of communication to keep our clients and related parties informed of the state of affairs, to get their input and advice, and, where appropriate, to give our own opinion and advice. We encourage regular face-to-face meetings where possible, but recognise that the international nature of our business makes faxing, express mail, email and online services indispensable. We therefore make it our business to ensure that our communications infrastructure is modern and works optimally. While we strongly recommend frequent contact with clients, we leave it up to the clients themselves to determine just how much information, how frequently, is right for them.

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